Things That Makes A Man Attractive To Women [FOR GUYS ONLY]


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The biggest question that men need answer to is what does a woman find attractive in them? Here are some different points of view. It is a personal choice and varies from women to women.

Here are the list, read on to decipher the female brain. 

1. HE IS STRONG: By strength doesn’t mean a man should be able to break teeth and bones. Strength is not the number of push ups he can do. The strength here is about the internal fortitude of a man who’s grounded, matured, confident to know who he is and who he wants to be with without arrogance.

2. GENEROSITY: Being stingy is a big turn off. Not only stingy with money but also stingy with feelings. Save money for future purpose but do not forget your girl. Stingy people are not great lovers.

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3. HE IS HONEST: Boys can . around but men are different. Men are integral. Boys can . cheap tricks on there women but men possess a depth of feeling and emotions. Real men understand the value of honesty in any relationship and also know their woman’s worth.

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4. ACCESSIBLE: A strong man is also vulnerable but his strength should not make him an unbreakable stone. He should also be able to open about his fears, anxiety, and insecurities. He should be able to tell his woman what he is afraid of. Without transparency, there can be on genuine intimacy. 

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