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It’s easy to get tangled up in all the wedding plans and forget to pay attention to this important part of your wedding day. Picking a wedding reception venue would reflect your taste, your thoughtfulness and your bank account of course… So, doing it right is important.

You should look out for:

1. Distance

You’ll need to consider how far the church is from your reception. For some reason, some couples like a far venue to prevent wedding crashers from ruining the day, while some use the church hall for their reception because they want it as close as possible. So, whichever works.

2. Lighting

This will have a huge effect on how amazing your pictures and videos will turn out. You don’t want to be looking at your pictures a few years from now and squinting to see those that came for the wedding.

wedding reception venue


3. Location

You might get a good deal with a really beautiful venue, but if the location is unsafe or in a remote place that people can’t find easily, a lot of your guests will either be stuck on the way till your wedding is over or not come at all.

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4. Use of space

Some venues come with a time factor that some couples take for granted until it happens. If the venue caretaker says that everyone must leave at 4pm, do well to ensure that you can end your wedding at 3pm. Just imagine all the lights and sound going off in the middle of one awesome gbedu!

wedding reception venue

(Photo: T Phillips Photography)

5. Dress change

For a bride that plans to do a dress change, you might want to consider if the venue has place you can do that in… And do it comfortably.

6. Convenience

The rest room is supposed to be a huge deal breaker for any venue. You don’t want your guests going home because they want to ease themselves but can’t.

These are a few of the factors to consider for the perfect wedding reception venue. What other factors would you consider?

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