Makeup is a powerful tool and we see that from this burn survivor.

Burn survivor Shalom Blac is the most talented makeup artist who uses makeup as a tool to help others feel good about themselves and we love it! Shalom Nchom also known as Shalom Blac  on YouTube was involved in an accident involving hot frying oil when she was just 9 years old and suffered severe burns to her head, neck and face. After enough bullying she, started sharing her beauty looks on her very own YouTube channel. She uses her platform to not only showcase her makeup transformations, but as a big advocate of self-love, she also uses it to inspire her fans to love themselves, with or without makeup.

. are some looks that we love from Shalom Blac:
1. Bold and Beautiful.

Shalom Blac shows us you don’t need to be in a wig to look beautiful. She does a a pop of colour on that shows on her eyes with just a bold dark lipstick. This look is perfect for a night out.

inspirational makeup by burn victim

.: Shalom Blac

2. Subtle with hair.

Shalom Blac is looking like a snack with this lace wig! She quickly transforms her look by adding a curly lace unit and her makeup is simple with a pop of a soft pink lipstick. We approve of this look when you want to look cute for bae.

inspirational makeup by burn victim

.: Shalom Blac

3. Creative Makeup Vibes.

She gives us crazy creative vibes with this makeup look! She goes on with full glitter eye makeup and floral crowns with a eccentric blue shade of lipstick. This look is perfect for festival right?

inspirational makeup by burn victim

.: Shalom Blac

Check out her inspirational video

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