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I can’t for the life of me wonder why Channing Tatum is wearing the ugliest Aladdin inspired gold joggers. He needs to send those pants back from w.ver he got them lol.

This joggers might as well not missing our next funny meme collection.

Channing tatum gold joggers

The Hollywood Actor was photographed outside his house while taking out Trash in the most weird set of pants you could ever see.

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Well, maybe Channing wasn’t dressing to impress but was channeling the chaotic spirit of compulsory housebound life as a result of the Corona virus pandemic.

T.’s a beautiful freedom in reaching the stage of quarantine life when the only question you ask yourself when getting dressed is “Are these pants?” and then you put the item on regardless of the answer.

It’s also possible that the STEP UP movie Star donned the flashy gold pants as the result of losing a bet or a game.

Losing games and having to make interesting sartorial choices is a normal occurrence in Channing’s life.