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This Couple’s Viral Love Story Trended On Twitter For The Wrong Reasonsfashionstyle

Tolulope and Adedamola met on Twitter, like a lot of other couples, but their viral love story trended on Twitter for all the wrong reasons.

When Adedamola tweeted about how he met his wife-to-be after she DM’d him to ask about a trip his company was organising, the post trended on twitter and so many people were triggered by their viral love story!

People were pained for one reason: he shot his shot from a business inquiry. Adedamola has insisted that the conversation that started his relationship with Tolulope was not on his business twitter account.

viral love story

(Photo: Shola Animashaun Photography)

He told BellaNaija:

I run a digitally driven tour company called  Irinajo Travel & Tours. One day, Tolu came to make enquiries about an upcoming trip in my personal DM on Twitter. Her opening conversation was,  ‘Hi Damola, I think I’m interested‘. This gave me the opportunity to tease and create some humour.  Also, it wasn’t my official account. I quickly responded ‘interested in the weekend getaway, the Kajuru trip or becoming Mrs. Damola, or interested in dashing me money😂That set the tone of the conversation.

Take a look at the screenshots from the conversation:

1. She slipped into his DM, and he came with the bants

“Interested in the weekend getaway, the Kajuru trip or becoming Mrs. Damola, or interested in dashing me money” is our new favourite pickup line, lol! No matter which she chose, he couldn’t lose!

viral love story

(Photo: BellaNaija)

2. Fortunately for him, she was such a good sport

Note how he immediately asked about bae. Smart.

viral love story

(Photo: BellaNaija)

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3. He did some quick maths to get her surname

At this point, you can almost see them falling in love. Awwww!!!

viral love story

(Photo: Bellanaija)

Appropriate or not, Damola’s shot was right on target! The couple have released their pre-wedding photos and they are just beautiful.

trended on twitter

(Photo: Shola Animashaun Photography)

She looks so happy!

viral love story

(Photo: BellaNaija)

We bet Tolulope is super happy she slid into his DM that night.

viral love story

(Photo: Shola Animashaun Photography)

What do you think? Would you shoot your shot while doing business?

Nigerians can do the most, and some of these wedding trends have to go.



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