This Hairstyle Is Goals; .’s A Quick D.I.Y


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You don’t have to break the bank to achieve certain look you know.

A lot of us ladies really want to have hairstyles that slay on a daily, look good everyday from head to toe and it can cost us quite some money but worry not Blogger Miss Nyawi shows us how to achieve a simple beautiful hairdo without using a single shilling. It’s easy to do and can be your hairstyle from Monday to Friday. Everyone wants that full puffy ponytail looks without buying new hair. With that, get your new hairdo after reading this post.


.’s how to achieve the look:
1. Have open hair.

Isn’t that obvious? Well yes, your, hair does need to be open; this means no braids and just in a big old afro. Make sure you comb your hair out and that it’s detangled so that in the next steps you’ll have a smooth ride. This is the first step to getting this fresh hairdo.

2. Is your hair damp?

The second step is ensuring that your hair is damp. This hairstyle can’t be achieved with dry hair, oh no sis. Make sure its damp and no dripping with water; we aren’t washing hair over ..

3. Grab your combs and hair gel.

Now we are almost at the end. With your hair being damp, first, comb it with a wide tooth comb. After this brush it upwards into a ponytail manner. Once you’re done with this, get your hair gel out. Use a small amount and apply it all around your hair from the roots leaving the ends alone.Brush this hair again until the sides are laid.

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4. Final step!

Yes, we are at the end girls! So this is the point where you grab your hairband and tie your hair like a ponytail. If you have hair extensions that’s great, if not don’t worry I got you girl. I used a wig, yes a damn wig to pull this off.

Place the wig on your ponytail make sure it sits right. Then take all your pins and secure the wig so that as you flip your hair it won’t fall off, which can lead to quite an embarrassing moment. Once this is done, take a toothbrush with your hair gel and lay those baby hairs as if your life depended on it. Tie a headscarf for 10 minutes and voila! You got your banging hairstyle!

.: Instagram/Miss_nyawi

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This Hairstyle Is Goals; Here’s A Quick D.I.Y


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