This Is How To Get In On The Pyjamas Trend


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Pyjamas Trend

Who would have thought that t. would ever be a day w. a trend would be inspired by sleepwear? You are right, no one! Well, the pyjamas trend is in right now (has been for a while) and we thought it would be a cool look for 2019!

Apart from being fashionable, the pyjamas trend is one that’s effortless yet comfy and chic. From silky co-ords to cotton options, the easy breezy trend is one that will serve you all year round depending on how you style them. Let’s get you started on how to get in on the trend!

Always Wear Them As Co-ords
Pyjamas Trend

(Photo: Instagram / Fashionablestepmum)

We are all for repurposing pieces but if you newly want to jump on the trend, we suggest pairing the pieces as they come. It really passes the message on the kind of look you are going for better than when you pair the pants or the shirt with something else.

Never Wear The Pieces Down
Pyjamas Trend

(Photo: Instagram / Sonish_space)

The pyjamas trend was inspired by sleepwear so if you wear the pieces down, it actually looks like you are going to bed. To look chic in the trend, we suggest styling them with accessories like heels, cute purses, shades and jewellery.

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Go With Prints
Pyjamas Trend

(Photo: Instagram / Stephaniecoker)

Unless you are a fashion baddie like Stephanie Coker who can rock a plain option effortlessly, we suggest you go with the printed options. They are safer choices and you can hardly go wrong in them. We are assuring you of that!

Pyjamas Trend

(Photo: Instagram / Bonang_m)

If you need more styling guide, check out how to style plain outfits fabulously .!

Featured image via Fashionablestepmum, Bonang_m, Stephaniecoker

. This Is How To Get In On The Pyjamas Trend . fashionstyle.


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