This Is The Bathroom Product Rihanna Uses To Keep Her Eyebrows IntactZUMI


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Rihanna uses what now?

Rihanna is the GOAT  (Greatest Of All Time) when it comes to celebrities and makeup. She launched her makeup line, Fenty Beauty, late last year and it has become the most popular brand among black women all around the world. Women love the brand because of how wide the shade range is. It was super hard to find a shade that matches with dark-skinned sisters but after her highly appreciated and pumped launch other brands have fallen in line.


Image: Jewish Telegraphic Agency

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When it comes to wearing makeup, Rihanna is the queen of perfection. She does not wear makeup every day but when she does, she is flawless. One of the tricks that have helped her eyebrows look so good all day long is her little-known secret.


Are you ready for this? She uses soap on her eyebrows to keep them in place, before applying her eyebrow pencil and later following with a concealer. This is something bloggers have copied and we are loving the fact that it is an easy and cheap way to get those awesome brows on!

. is a video by Maxine Wabosha that will teach you how to use soap to lay your eyebrows.
Would you use soap on your eyelashes? . is the tutorial Rihanna blessed us with a few months ago!





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