This Is The One Cheap Accessory You Need In Your Life Now!


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Kenyan Beauties, Zumi

Can you guess what it is?

A smile is the hottest new fashion accessory and guess what? It costs nothing! Today we have rounded up a few of our favourite Kenyan beauties who have been slaying this cheap trend and who are living proof that happy girls are the prettiest!

1. Sarah Hassan.

This actress and Kenyan beauty recently posed for the gram, serving laid edges, a beat face and to complete the look, her popular, warm smile. We love!

Kenyan Beauties, Zumi

Photo: Sarah Hassan.

2. Denim And Cateye.

This fashion and lifestyle blogger’s Instagram feed boasts smiles for days! She recently posted this picture wishing her followers a lovely day and we are convinced that her smile is an accessory she never leaves at home!

Kenyan Beauties, Zumi

Photo: Denim And Cateye.

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3. Elodie Zone.

Lifestyle YouTuber, Elodie, shared a warm and cheeky smile with her Instagram followers recently and her advise to was to do what scares you and watch your confidence grow. We approve!

Kenyan Beauties, Zumi

Photo: Elodie Zone.

4. Sharon Mundia.

This Is Ess blogger, Sharon, was looking all sorts of zen and happy in this throwback picture. This Kenyan beauty has a warm and genuine smile that speaks volumes and adds a great vibe to her outfits and pictures!

Kenyan Beauties, Zumi

Photo: This Is Ess.

5. Amina Abdi.

This TV and radio personality cum MC has a gorgeous smile, to match her fun and bubbly personality. Amina’s Instagram feed is a ball of sunshine, full of smiles and happy vibes and we love it!

Kenyan Beauties, Zumi

Photo: Amina Abdi.

We hope this inspires you to smile a whole lot more!

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