This Is Why You Should Not Use Towels On Your Hair


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why you should not dry your hair with a towel

You probably don’t know this but drying your hair with a towel is doing your strands more harm than good and we’ll explain why.

We know we’re saying something that no doubt surprises you because you’ve been doing it your whole life.

But the truth is the fibre that regular towels are made from is too coarse for the strands of your hair which are quite delicate. Rubbing towels against your hair will damage your cuticles, make your hair more prone to split ends and cause hair breakage. And that is why you should not use towels on your hair.

So what should you use instead?

Microfibre towels. Microfibre towels are made from very smooth and dense fibres that are very gentle on our hair strands. They are extremely absorbent but the amazing thing about them is that they absorb just the right moisture from your hair. Unlike regular towels which completely strip your hair of moisture and make it frizzy.

why you not use towels on your hair


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You can get microfibre towels . from N1,500.

Know what else you can use that works pretty good? A cotton T-shirt. Yes, that T-shirt you’ve been wearing around town with your favourite jeans will make a lot of difference in the health of your hair over time. This is because T-shirts will adequately absorb the moisture from your hair without roughening up your hair cuticles.

So swap your towels with T-shirts and see how much difference it makes.

So, it seems like towels are pretty much becoming useless nowadays. Before you go, find out why you shouldn’t use them on your face also.

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