This man spent $52,000 for the perfect proposal, see why….


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It is people like 37-year-old Victor Tang who make it hard for a regular guy to end up with a beautiful woman. The Hong Kong native and employee at Hutchinson Global Communications decided that he needed to do something spectacular to win the hand of his co-worker and girlfriend, Stephanie Cheung, who he had been dating for less than a year. His efforts were successful and witnessed by everyone near Victoria Harbor as he had a banner the size of a basketball court display his marriage proposal.

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After only a few months of dating, and learning that Stephanie was shy but hated tradition, Tang devised an extravagant scheme. First, he spent $26,000 on a 1.5-carat diamond for the engagement ring. Then, he rented out a luxury suite at the Ritz-Carlton hotel which overlooked Victoria Harbor. The room cost $3,350 for the day, but money was of no concern to Victor. Next was hiring a helicopter to pull the banner through the restricted airspace over the harbour 

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The banner was bright red, 94 feet by 50 feet in size, and had white letters stating: “I love you! Stephanie BB, will you marry me?” The banner and helicopter however set the soon-to-be-groom back $19,000.

To document the whole marriage proposal, Tang spent an additional $2,000 on a professional video crew. The crew filmed both inside the suite and captured the helicopter’s message from the roof of a neighboring skyscraper. After a tearful few seconds, Stephanie said yes. She couldn’t help but add, however, that she’d been hoping for the marriage proposal months earlier.

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In total, Victor Tang spent nearly $52,000 on his marriage proposal. He claimed that he’s “not a rich guy but I control my budget.” Lol.

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