This Natural Hair Quick Fix For Rainy Days Will Save Your LifeZUMI


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Getting caught in the rain unexpectedly can be a nightmare for naturalistas. Especially after you’ve worked to hard to get those popping curls. Your hot hair gets turned into a hot mess in minutes!

The key to surviving such situation is being armed with some weapons for your natural hair quick fix. These weapons can literally save you from looking like a hot mess!

.’s a list of all you’d be needing:

1. Bobby Pins
Natural Hair Quick Fix

(Photo: Claires)

This should be you number 1 go-to for your natural hair quick fix. Keep a few hair pins handy so that you can pull your hair back or up whenever you need to. No one will ever suspect that you didn’t leave the house with an adorable pinned up style initially.

 2. Satin Scrunchies
Natural Hair Quick Fix

(Photo: Natural confidence)

You should totally keep one in your handbag at all times. If your tresses end up swollen, ginormous and all over the place, a satin scrunchy is the best remedy from the 80’s. Gently gather your hair up and loosely wrap the scrunchy around it.

2. Headbands 
Natural Hair Quick Fix

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(Photo: Youtube via The Natural Me)

Sometimes a headband is is a girl’s best friend. It gives a measure of control over your hair and serves well for holding your hair down and off your face. They are perfect with any length too.

4. Gel
Natural Hair Quick Fix

(Photo: AliExpress)

A small travel-size gel stash is the ultimate lifesaver every girl should invest in. You can always run your damp hands through your hair with a little gel to calm down the rain induced frizz. Aloe Vera gel is perfect for this because it is super light and does not produce crunch or flake. It is the perfect natural hair quick fix.

What rainy day natural hair quick fix do you have?

If you are battling with incessant dandruff and growth issues, try the urine therapy.

You can also make your own hair accessories with these easy DIY tips.





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