This New Product Tracks Your Performance And Detects STDs


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In what seems like the ‘world’s first smart condom’ a company in the UK has designed the “i.Con”— which uses nano chip technology to measure performance and detect STIs.

The i.Con device uses a nano-chip and sensors to catalog numerous variables during sex — including duration of intercourse, calories burnt, the “average velocity” and the total number of thrusts per session and then relay the information to a . app via Bluetooth.

Once the user is done doing the deed, the data from their session is loaded onto their phone — either through the i.Con app or micro-USB port. The Smart Condom also tells you how you stack up to other people from around the world.

According to British Condoms, “All data will be kept anonymous but users will have the option to share their recent data with friends, or, indeed, the world. You will be able to anonymously access stats that you can compare with i.Con users worldwide.”

And if you want to charge it up, just use the micro USB port on the device, that you can plug into your computer or mains.

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However, despite the name, the device is not actually a condom. Rather, it’s a ring that will sit over a condom at the base, which you can use over and over again.

The i.Con smart condom is described as a wearable, micro-USB charged condom ring that can provide six to eight hours of “live” usage.

It will also log other info pertaining to one’s health, such as calories burned and average skin temperature. British Condoms also claims that the i.Con can work as an STI indicator, thanks to its “antibodies filter” — which alerts the user when proteins or antigens, typically found in STIs, are detected.

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According to industry reports, each device is made from synthetic rubber and contains a waterproof carbon fiber unit, which holds the nano-chip and sensors.

The manufacturers say it will be made in one size, with a band adjustment feature. “It is extremely comfortable, water resistant and lightweight, you won’t even know it’s there ensuring maximum pleasure and, peace of mind.”

In the product’s description on the British Condoms website, the company asks:

“Have you ever wondered how many calories you’re burning during intercourse?”

“How many thrusts? Speed of your thrusts? The duration of your sessions? Frequency? How many different positions you use in the period of a week, month or year? Ever wondered how you stack up to other people from around the world? Welcome to the future of wearable technology in the bedroom.”

The i.Con is currently in the final stages of testing before its release later this year. Though it’s unclear when the product will be fully ready, the manufacturers say it is currently available for preorder.

British Condoms said the project brought new meaning to the term “wearable tech” – and that nearly 100,000 people have pre-registered for the product.

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According to Adam Leverson, lead engineer on the i.Con project: “Not only have we innovated the world’s first smart condom ring that’ll measure pretty much every aspect of performance in the bedroom, but now I’m pleased to confirm that it will also have built-in indicators to alert the users to any potential STIs present.”


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