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‘This wasn’t the plan’ – BBNaija Beauty’s mgt team releases statement following her disqualification


Few hours after the Big Brother Naija season 7 Level Up Housemate, Beauty Etsanyi Tukura got disqualified from the Level Up House, her management released statement in . to the ordeal.

The statement as was released by Beauty’s management team on Monday afternoon, August 8 reads below.

“The last few hours have been an emotional one for BeeNavy, family and friends of our queen, Beauty Tukura.


“We are still struggling to come to terms with the whole situation because it’s still hard to believe Beauty’s time in the Big brother house was cut short.

“This wasn’t the plan, it wasn’t. In a world w. perfection is sort after, we choose to embrace our imperfect selves, full of flaws and what nots.


“But as humans, we should understand that mistakes made should be corrected and not repeated, or else you bear the consequences of your actions.

“We can’t and won’t make an excuse for Beauty’s outburst or what inspired it, but we have decided to take this as a lesson, move on and look at the brighter sides.


“In just two weeks, we built a resilient force, BEENAVY. Thank you for choosing to stick by and love this flawed human. The love has been overwhelming! We know you had and still have the best plans for Beauty.

“We all wanted her to come back home with the money, We all had and still have great plans for her. We will continue to ride and push Beauty Tukura to the stars.


“To the amazing and incredible Big Brother Naija platform, we thank you for this opportunity. To the distinguished Miss Nigeria Organization, thank you for standing by your 43rd queen, we don’t take your support for granted.

“To our family and friends, thank you for being the best support system at a time w. she needs you. Family will always be everything. And to everyone who has always supported her, don’t stop supporting and loving, we appreciate you.


“Life is a journey, enjoy the trip. Do not be embarrassed by your journey, learn from them and start again. THANK YOU – Team Beauty Tukura”.

Recall that Big Brother Naija Level Up Housemate, Beauty got disqualified on Sunday, August 7 after being found guilty of infringing Biggie’s House rules.


According to Big Brother, Beauty was found guilty for the third time of Violence, Prohibited Behavior, Abuse of Alcohol and Damage to Biggie’s Property.

In article 18 of Big Brother rule Book titled, Prohibited Behavior, t. is a whole sub article titled, Violence. In this sub article, Big Brother clearly stated that any Housemate who becomes physically violent may be removed immediately.


Article 18 further highlights issues Housemates must be aware of. Issues like damage to property, and abuse of alcohol.

And for breaking the House rule on prohibited behavior, such as violent behavior, and damage to Big Brother’s properties, Beauty was issued a double strike, that’s two strikes, plus one strike she received in the first week, meaning she has received a total of three stikes.


And three strikes in Big Brother’s House leads to immediate disqualification.

Glance through the statement from Beauty’s management team below.

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