Call your hairdressers, we can bet this will be your next protective style!

We cannot get enough of fabulous protective styles and our very own ZUMI entertainment writer is rocking the most fabulous of fringe box braids! Desirée Gogo casually walked into the office looking all glamourous in her braids and we immediately knew it was photoshoot time! Lol!

Fringe Box Braids, ZUMI Kenya

Photo: Sheila Bennati for ZUMI.

Today she shares a few frequently asked questions about this fringe box braids!

Q. Girl, where did you have your hair done?

A. I usually get my protective styles done at Toi Market, by Eva. I find that she is creative and up to date with the trendiest braids styles.

Q. How many braids did you use to achieve that nice full look?

A. I have a full head of natural hair, (like, a really full head. Lol!) so I used six and a half packets of the long Darling Abuja braids.

Fringe Box Braids, ZUMI Kenya

Photo: ZUMI.

Q. Wow, is it heavy?

A. Not at all!

Q. Where did you get inspiration for these fringe box braids and how would you describe your hairstyle personality?

A. I got this particular style idea off . and because I am daring and love to experiment with my hairdos, I would describe my hair personality as eccentric.

Fringe Box Braids, ZUMI Kenya

Photo: Sheila Bennati for ZUMI.

Q. How do you care for your natural hair when it’s under protective styling?

A. I have a dry scalp, so I oil it about three times a week, spritz some water daily to keep the hair hydrated and I make sure to sleep in a satin bonnet to keep the hair neat.

Fringe Box Braids, ZUMI Kenya

.: ZUMI.

Q. How much did it cost to get these fringe box braids done?

A. I had bought the braids prior to the appointment, so for the braiding alone, I paid Kshs.1,200, including hair accessories.

Fringe Box Braids, ZUMI Kenya

Photo: Sheila Bennati for ZUMI.

What do you ladies think of Desiree’s fabulous fringe box braids? Is this inspiration for your next braid style? Hit us up and let us know your thoughts!

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