Everybody loves a good surprise! So, the wedding day is not a bad time for the bride to get gifts for the groom and surprise him. Stick to gifts that reflect his personality and remember that it’s the thought that actually counts.

Here are some ideas on gifts for the groom that we think he’ll cherish forever.

gifts for the groom

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1. Handwritten letters

You can never go wrong with saying things straight from your heart. It could be ’10 reasons why I love you’,  ‘7 things I hope for with you’ or just a heartfelt letter that says it all.

gifts for the groom

(Photo: Instagram/mynameisobi)

2. Customized socks

Every man needs socks. If you’re sure you can get him to wear the socks on the wedding day, it will give you room to write fun, quirky stuff on it.

gifts for the groom

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3. Alcohol or water can

He’ll definitely like to drink something. So, depending on what that is, you can just get him a holder for it, and grab some extra thoughtful points if you can customize it.

4. A painting

Although this is technically for both of you in the long run, it works. lol! If hubby is an art lover, he’ll be thrilled. If he’s not a fan, a painting or a portrait of one of your goofy pre-wedding photos will definitely put a smile on his face.

5. Cufflinks

A new pair of shiny cufflinks for the win! Be sure to consider if he’s a gold man or a silver man.

gifts for the groom)

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6. Engraved wristwatch

With an interesting message engraved on it, he’ll always be on time because hopefully, he won’t take his eyes off that wristwatch.

gifts for the groom

(Photo: Instagram/mynameisobi)

7. A new signature scent

Today isn’t the day to give him his regular or favourite perfume, w.’s the fun in that? Let the new fragrance mark the start of something new.

Next up, let’s go ‘gifts for the groom’ shopping! But if you’re still wondering if it’s even necessary, .’s why you should consider buying a gift for the groom.




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