Thoughts Every Girl Has When Making Love | Tell You All

Some women may openly discuss about their preferences whereas some women may feel shy to tell what they want. So, . are some thoughts that hit their minds during a love making session.

“I wish his size grows bigger. These days, I’m unable to even feel him inside”. Women who aren’t satisfied with their men’s size may often get this thought during a love making session, according to the survey.

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Oh no! He again stops it midway when I’m craving for more”. Some women complained that their men seldom prolong the act long enough to feel satisfied. They also reported that their men are selfish about their own satisfaction.

“Okay, let me imagine my high school crush by closing my eyes for some time”. Some women reportedly admitted that they visualise other men during love making.

“Why is he not performing well today? Oh, maybe I’m getting fat. He might soon lose interest in me!” Some women link a man’s failure with their own body image. They blame themselves and feel insecure that they are no longer attractive.

“Why doesn’t he experiment? I’m bored of the regular positions. What if I express this opinion? Does he start judging me or suspecting me?” Generally, women who are bored with the regular stuff want men to experiment. But some may openly express the opinion whereas some women keep the thought to themselves.

“How to make him believe that he’s doing well? Okay, let me moan and scream to fake it out a bit.” Women who don’t want to make their men feel weak, may sometimes fake it to make their men feel good.

“I need to do a lot of shopping this weekend. I need to buy some new curtains. Oh, I forgot to get some new nail paints too…” Women who are totally distracted and not at all engaged well during lovemaking reported that they happily make future plans during lovemaking.


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