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‘Thunder faya ya papa’ – Mr P curses those mocking him of making it in Lagos (video)

Nigerian popular singer, and award-winning artiste, Mr Peter Okoye, also known as Mr P has reacted to the comments made by people who mocked him for becoming successful in the commercial city of Lagos, Nigeria.

Mr P, who cursed his critics through a video, stated that he was on his own and people are making mockery of him, because he’s a successful Nigerian.


He added that since he became successful in Lagos, why has all his critics not become successful as well, in the same Lagos.

Mr P, in angry mood, cursed the fathers of his critics, as he exclaimed, “thunder fire your papa”.


“So, I’m on my own, you’re claiming I made it in Lagos? Id*ot, your papa. Why have you not made it in the same Lagos? The last time I remembered, I’m a Nigerian. Idi*t”, Mr P said in the video below. 

Meanwhile, Mr P’s vexation came as a result of his prior Instagram live video, during which he advised the youth to get their PVC in order to vote out bad government in Nigeria.


Mr P, while addressing the youth, who are mostly his followers, encountered some people who started criticizing him, which also led to the singer, bragging that even if Nigeria continues to elect bad government, he has nothing to worry about, because he has a second home.

He stressed further, and revealed that his second home is in the United States of America, adding that over t., he owns two mansions.


Mr P had this to say, “Upon that look at me, I financially stable. If it happens, I have a second home. When I say I have a second home, my second home isn’t in Nigeria.

I have two houses in America, so, forget. I’ll move my family to that place. But I don’t want that to happen. That’s not the level we should go.


“Lets take back our country. We’re .. And I don’t have anything to loose. I saw some people trying to insult me, this and that.

“See, I’m saying it plainly, nothing to hide. God has blessed me. I’m blessed. I hope you know.


“And some will say, ‘but you made it in Lagos’. Really, if I make it in Lagos, why didn’t you make it in Lagos as well? Have you made it?

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