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Highlighting and contouring the face is to create light and dark areas to sculpt and shape the face in a pleasing way. Highlighting and contouring can manipulate the shape of your face to appear more sculptured.

Contouring your face helps define your features, creating the appearance of higher cheekbones and a slimmer nose and chin. It’s a technique that was popularized by celebrity makeup artists, but with the right products and equipment it’s easy to do on your own. Once you’ve applied your contouring makeup, remember to blend well for a flawless, natural, highlighting, contouring, face, fashion, selectastyle, highlight, contour, beauty,

So, . are steps to contouring and highlighting


  1. Know your face shape; this helps you decide where to place your highlights and contours and what features you’d like to define or downplay.
  2. Consider your skin tone
  3. Pick the appropriate brushes; tapered or flat brush for highlight, angled contour or blush brush for contour and a blending sponge.
  4. Know where to shade; this includes your forehead, cheekbone, jaw and nose.
  5. Highlight strategically; it is important because it brings light back into your face, but then again you don’t want to overdo it. Areas to pay attention to includes your forehead, nose, under your eye area (above your cheekbones), chin and above your jaw line.
  6. Its time to blend! Please blend and blend and blend! Blending is very important so when you are done, blend again!

To make it easier to get, . is a video from makeup artist Uwani Aliyu.




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