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Tolani Otedola Breaks The Internet

Assembly luscious Tolani Otedola for the exceptionally to begin with time, you’d wonder at her level of composure, quietness, and conscious nature, in spite of her noble foundation.

Don’t be astounded when she locks in you in exceedingly cerebral discussions distinctive from music. She is profoundly established when it comes to the fundamentals of business. You don’t got to be flabbergasted at her wizardry, brilliance, and insights; it runs within the family.

Tolani Otedola

Tolani adores to communicate through music which serves as a reflection of her genuine self. Apart from being born with a silver spoon in her mouth, and uncovered to western culture, she has remained stuck to maintain the genuine ethics of a refined Nigerian woman who re-modified herself with her domestic training. She has regularly confessed that; “While I was growing with my kin, my father soaked up a few things in us that have made me distant better;a much better;a higher;a stronger;an improved”>a stronger person.

If we make botches, he remedies us with cherish. He spoiled us with the great things of life but instructed us how to be hardworking

He has told us his riches does not have a place to us that we moreover have to be work to form our riches as he did.


These lessons have persuaded me to the point I am today.” The Brain research graduate from the College of St. Andrews in Scotland, was captivated by music. Regularly of an enthusiastic identity, she finds comfort in pouring her feelings through the composing of songs, recording and playing gigs.

“Some of my most punctual recollections were the times I went through within the car with my father playing uproarious music. I think that was one of the reasons I fell in adore with music” she divulged.


At her well-attended collection debut titled ‘Tolani’ in Lagos, 2017, for over one hour on organize performing with a live band, she held the welcomed gathering of people entranced with her vocal adroitness and arrange ability.

As of late, reactions begun emitting from diverse quarters saying she was not getting the required back and thrust of her father like kin within the inventive industry got when they started. “Why will people say Femi isn’t contributing so much in her career as he did for DJ Cuppy and Temi. I have never seen a steady father like Femi. He is the foremost magnanimous individual I know that can go any length to back his companions not to conversation of his organic girl. In the event that He does not back her, who will??. Anytime she drops unused music, Femi by and by will post on all his social media stages, canvassing individuals to download and make it viral. Let me stun you, she is doing numbers in terms of music streams and download. Femi is contributing a colossal sum in advancing her which most individuals don’t know.


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