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Top 15+ best short sassy hairstyles of Mandy Moore –

Mandy Moore is fearless when it comes to trying new hairstyles. She has been surprising her fans with practically all possible lengths, dos and hair hues. She knows how to look feminine and romantic, glamorous and classy, bold and daring. And all those magic transformations Mandy Moore succeeds with thanks to versatile hairstyles. With short hair Mandy looks very rash, young and cheeky. I have collected 15 best short hairstyles of Mandy Moore and . I am sharing them with you.

In short haircuts Mandy Moore opts for layering, adding volume to her fine hair. She prefers straight side swept bangs and messed up styles, sometimes with wet sexy look. Those looks w. she styles her pointy side flicks outward are definitely the sharpest. She also benefits from side tresses, caressing her cheeks and softening her angular jawline. Loose curls in short-to-medium bob haircuts also work fantastic for her face shape, masking its width.

short sassy hairstyles

As for the hair hues, Mandy likes to experiment, dying her hair in a wide range of shades from light straw-colored blonds to rich chocolate and dark browns. Personally I believe that Mandy looks awesome with cold hues, while warmer shades make her look ordinary. Anyway, now you’ll have an opportunity to check it yourself.
15 Sassy Hairstyles Featuring Mandy Moore Short Hair

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