Top 4 Tips For Curing Back Acne At Home


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Dealing with back acne is never a pleasurable experience. It makes you very conscious, needless to say, those backless tops will take a backseat.

Sadly, acne is not limited to your teenage years. Adults get acne too, and in the most uncomfortable places ever! For back acne, as with every other type of acne, you can always get medication from a certified dermatologist. However, you can also easily get rid of back acne by making a few lifestyle changes. Here are some:

1. Always Shower After Working Out
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Allowing sweat and dirt dry off on your skin after a work out is a huge way to get back acne. Don’t act shocked, it’s a thing and you know it. Try to take a bath immediately after a workout session. Also, wash your workout clothes after each day’s workout. Don’t just spread them out to dry and reuse them just because they aren’t smelly. Basically, practice good post workout hygiene.

2. Exfoliate Regularly
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Make out time to exfoliate your back regularly. If possible, as often as you do your face. You can get this done at a spa or have someone (preferably your significant other) do it for you at home. This process helps remove extra dirt and oils from your skin and reduces the amount of dead skin that clogs up your pores.

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3. Try Tea Tree Oil
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Tea tree oil is known for its effectiveness in treating numerous skin issues. Made from leaves of a tree in Australia, it can be found today in many lotions, cleansers, shampoos and creams. Tea tree oil has strong antibacterial properties that help in treating back acne by killing bacteria found on the skin. It’s minty, tingling sensation is also very soothing. Witch hazel also works wonders for acne.

4. Eat Healthy

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Healthy eating is not just something people do to fit into the ‘fit fam’ community. It has actual benefits. If you are prone to acne, your diet could be your trigger. Remember how we were told as teenagers not to eat groundnuts or egusi because they could cause pimples? That was not a scam. Greasy foods increase our skin’s production of sebum, making it more acne prone. Also, avoid food that is high on the glycemic index (GI) because they cause your blood sugar to rise and make acne worse. Practice eating a balanced diet which should include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, proteins etc.

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