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Top 5 Nigerian Footballers Playing in the EPL 2022

Top 5 Nigerian Footballers Playing in the EPL 2022 has been listed below.

According to a study by ExpressVPN of how people watch sports online in the UK, football is by far the most popular sport. Liverpool, Manchester United, and Manchester City have the most viewers.


If you want to watch good football, you have to watch the Premier League, which is the most-watched league in the world.

Also, t. are some talented Nigerian .ers in the Premier League who are doing very well. Let’s take a quick look at the best Nigerian rising stars in the EPL, Europe’s most popular football league.




The midfielder for Brentford, who has a good left leg, .s on the left wing. He is 23 years old, has a contract with Brentford until June 2026, and brings life to the center back position because of his height, which helps him stay stable when driving the ball.

Onyenka is almost never the first .er on the field. He is usually a sub, which makes it hard for him to show how good he is in midfield. He has .ed for Midtjylland and the Nigerian national team in the past. In total, he has .ed 123 games, started in 89 of them, scored 12 goals, and set up six others.



Iwobi has learned a lot from .ing for Arsenal, a world-class team that has won the Premier League 13 times and been in the Champions League. He is on Everton’s team right now, which has won the Premier League 9 times.

After Richarlison left, Everton needs to get better up front and in the middle as soon as possible to keep up with the competition. Iwobi, who is 26 years old, is one of the best choices to . in the middle because he has the experience.


He has .ed in 254 games, starting 178 of them. He has scored 23 goals and made 33 assists, which are very high numbers for a .er in the middle of the field.


Even though Ndidi .s on the left wing for Leicester Football Club, he can easily switch to the right wing. He .s on the wing, in the middle, as a defender in the middle, and as an attacker in the middle.


This season, he has neither scored nor helped score a goal. But because it’s 1.83 meters tall and weighs 74 kg, it can move quickly along the belt and dribble well. He is only 25 years old, but he has already .ed in 239 games, starting 226 of them. During his time at Leicester City Football Club, he has scored 13 goals and set up 10 others.

He is under contract until June 2024. Since he has been an important part of the team since 2016, Leicester may have already made a proposal to keep him.


He is one of Brentford’s most promising young .ers, so it makes sense that they want to keep him safe from injuries and overwork. That’s why they don’t use it as much, but in the coming seasons, we’re sure to see it live up to its potential.


Dennis is a striker who .s for a well-known Premier League team called Nottingham Forest. For his good work with the Nigerian national team, Nottingham decided to ask him to a session with an option to buy Watford, which just dropped to the second division.


In 8 games, the 24-year-old has had one assist and one goal. But he is a very important part of the English team’s attack and can change games just by being on the field. He has .ed for teams like Zorya, Brugge, and Cologne in the past. When you add up all of his stats, he has .ed in 189 games and started in 131 of them. He has scored 43 goals and set up 16 others.


So far, he is the best Nigerian football .er in the Premier League. He .ed for the famous Manchester City team and scored 14 goals in a single season. Iheanacho is 26 years old and .s for Leicester. Because the team already has a lot of talented .ers, they use him as a replacement. When you add up all of his seasons, he has .ed 242 games and started 108 of them. He has scored 69 goals and set up 33 others.


Nigerian .ers are very important to Premier League teams, and since most of them are young, t. is a lot to look forward to and expect from them.



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