Top 5 Things Men Wish Women Knew About S£X


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Men are often thought to be always in a desperate need to have s’εx. Does this statement hold any truth? Are all men alike? Well, here are a few facts that we bring straight from the horse’s mouth. Trust us that men will certainly be happy if you get these right. The key is not to generalise and be more accepting of their genuine desires and ulterior motives.

We are not always desperate for s’εx! Men do not always prey to find a suitable s’εx partner or friends with benefits to get over with. They are emotional beings too and to be thought of as an animal can hurt any man’s ego. Of course, one bad experience in a woman’s life does affect the way she deals with men in her life, but they should try to ease down and go with the flow.

We love dirty talks: Who says only touching can stimμlatε a man’s manhood? Talk dirty and he is all yours, head-to-toe! Remember, this does not mean men are slaves to dirty talks in the bedroom, it is just that they love when women stroke them verbally. Naughty talks are a definite turn on!

Our little master has his accomplices: The little master who is his constant companion has other friends too. A man too has his εrogεnoμs zones like women. They too enjoy the attention you give them, when you strokε him there. Nibble on his ears, tickle him around the chest and find out his weak spots by using the feather toμch of your fingers and tonguε.

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We suffer from performance anxiety: Help men by voicing your sεxμal desires in a way that he overcomes performance anxiety and make the night worth remembering! Catch up on the cues, if he is trying too hard to please you. While, it is not a good idea to discuss it right then, but make it a point that you do speak to him about it, outside the bedroom walls. Work on your sεxμal compatability and identify areas that you both can work on. Bedroom games can be fun and can release tension through good f.orεplay.

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Don’t be judgemental about our fantasies: Whether your man’s fantasy is straight out of an action movie or a thriller, do not be judgemental about it. Encourage him to share his secret fantasies and give it a shot if you are comfortable. Even if you are not comfortable, you can mellow it down a bit and avoid an awkward situation that will result in major disappointment.

If all the men out there think you have something more to add to our list, please write to us. We will be more than happy to let out your secrets to our women readers!

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