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Top Bellanaija chief bridesmaid dresses to help you make the right choice (PHOTOS)


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A wedding is a fascinating day, for this, you think over everything: the hall, the music, your outfits and even the chief bridesmaid’s dress, because she will be next to the star of the day. We have gat.d the best Bellanaija chief bridesmaid dresses that can help you make the right choice.

Best chief bridesmaid dresses

Bellanaija styles for chief bridesmaid

Questions about what a dress for a chief bridesmaid should look like and how to choose a decent look for her sometimes cause a lot of controversy. If you want your wedding to be truly memorable, and t. are no conflicts between the best friends, you need to approach the choice of the attire responsibly.

Bellanija is one of the reputable .s many future brides trust and rely on, so we have analyzed the . and gat.d for you the most beautiful dresses and added our tips you can take into account when choosing the dress for your chief bridesmaid.

Tips to follow

  • When choosing a color flatly discard white. It belongs to the queen of the celebration. The chief bridesmaid dressed in the same shade will look awkward and get lost on the bride`s background. Stop the choice on soft pastel colors that emphasize the elegance and style of chief bridesmaid. If you are planning a themed “color” wedding based on the Bella Naija fashion, choose, for example, green or blue, grey or gold color scheme for the chief bridesmaid gown.
Best Bellanaija chief bridesmaid dresses
  • Chief bridesmaids` dresses- refuse the provocative neckline, incredibly deep cuts, inserts made of translucent fabric and flashy decor in the form of stones, rhinestones, and sandals.

A chief bridesmaid at the wedding is not only a guest but also a helper, she should be t. to help you with the train, fix the makeup, picks up the presented flowers and settles force majeure situations that may suddenly arise at the event. A chief bridesmaid will not be able to fulfill her duties if she is nervous every minute, pulling her too short skirt or getting out of her own long hem.

  • Dress for the chief bridesmaid should be a symbol of grace, elegance, and restraint. The gown should be comfortable and really please her.
Beautiful dresses

Chief bridesmaid dresses

Fashion designers and stylists work in this area. The chief bridesmaid is not just a guest, she is in the center of attention and should stand out on the background of other bridesmaids.

Dress styles for bridesmaids can be very diverse: it all depends on the subject and style of the wedding. But the dress of the chief bridesmaid should be different. This can be anything: a sleeve, a belt, a color.

Bellanaija wedding fashion

Often girls choose an outfit in the style of Bella Naija fashion which is similar to the bride’s attire, but in another color which differs from the colors for other bridesmaids dresses.

One of the trends of the season presented by Bellanaija is dresses of the bridesmaids in the same style but of different colors. In this case, the dress of the chief bridesmaid will be lighter or darker in tone, or of a completely different color.

To make the bride and her chief bridesmaid look spectacular together, dresses are chosen from the same fabric, approximately the same length and matching colors.

Some brides choose very bright colors for the dresses of their bridesmaids, making their special day bright and cheerful.

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Best Bellanaija chief bridesmaid dresses

The most challenging thing is to decide on the colors of bridesmaids’ dresses. After all, it is very difficult to choose one that would suit everyone and harmonize with the bridal gown and wedding theme.

T. are three options, you can buy black dresses that are suitable for everyone, choose multi-colored dresses of the same style or choose different shades of the same color. But you should remember that the dress for the chief bridesmaid should stand out from the others.

Dresses from Bellanaija

Lilac, purple, and pink colors have always been very popular at weddings. First, they are very gentle. And secondly, these colors suit the dark skin perfectly. And of course, the colors of this palette perfectly harmonize with the snow-white dress of the bride. The lilac dress of the chief bridesmaid will pleasantly set off the black-and-white or black-gray range of clothes of the newlyweds. The lilac color is a symbol of romance and tenderness, and it breathes hopes and dreams for the future.

Nigerian bride and bridesmaids

Pink is feminine, delicate and bright color. Many girls like this color. The advantage of it is that t. are many shades. You can choose the one that will fit each of the bridesmaids, especially the chief bridesmaid. Many girls usually prefer peach, delicate pink and cream tones, or a shade of rosy ashes. Pale pink lush outfits or dresses decorated with organza or chiffon look impressive. Every chief bridesmaid will look impressive.

Pink dresses

Red is also perfect for the dress of a chief bridesmaid. It is passionate, bright, and festive. But do not abuse the color. Bulky fluffy robes will be too provocative. T.fore, it is best to choose modest long red dresses for the chief bridesmaid.

Best Bellanaija chief bridesmaid dresses

5 rules when choosing a chief bridesmaid`s dress

Many girls are very responsible while selecting a chief bridesmaid`s dress, and they worry about it almost more than the bride herself. The main task when choosing such a dress is not to overshadow the beauty of the bride.

Do you wonder how to choose the right outfit? Our five tips will help you:

  • № 1 Cocktail or evening dress of the chief bridesmaid should be in harmony with the bride’s attire.
A bride and her bridesmaids
  • №2 Another rule is that the chief bridesmaid’s dress should not completely repeat the style of the bride’s gown. The bride is the star of the celebration. Based on this rule, you should not also choose white outfits, because bridesmaids’ dresses should only emphasize her beauty.

However, if the bride has chosen an ivory wedding dress, then it is acceptable for a chief bridesmaid to wear a white dress. However, the main principle must be followed, people must see who is a bride and who is a chief bridesmaid.

  • №3 Also, chief bridesmaid`s dress should be motivated by the theme of the celebration. If you choose some particular color combination, please remember that if you want to emphasize the outfit of the bridesmaid by color, choose the color of the same color scheme, for example, orange and yellow, different shades of pink, dark blue and light blue, etc.
Best Bellanaija chief bridesmaid dresses
  • №4 Do not forget about the convenience. The wedding is quite a long event. Choosing a dress for the chief bridesmaid, you should take into account the fact that she will definitely have to participate in games and entertainment, to help the bride with everything. T.fore you should not wear too narrow or too short dresses.
Best Bellanaija chief bridesmaid dresses
  • №5 And finally, perhaps the most basic rule. Chief bridesmaid`s dress should not be vulgar and fancy in any case. Of course, it has to be special, festive. However, you should avoid excessive gloss and tinsel.
Wedding preparation


We hope you have enjoyed reading and inspired by the designs.

Please note that all the photos in our post were taken from Bella Naija.



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