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Tottenham must learn from their loss at Sporting CP, says Conte – Sporting Life

Tottenham boss Antonio Conte has said his .ers must learn from their Champions League defeat at Sporting CP.


Conte insists Spurs are learning on the run in this season’s competition.

He explained: “I think Sporting .ed a good game and in the end they won but if the game finished as a draw and we are talking about a regret that we didn’t win tonight. I didn’t see a lot of difference between them and us, in the aspects.


“For sure they exploited the details. The corner. In the first half we had three corners that if you go to watch these three corners we go with two .ers alone and we didn’t take the ball. They were good to do this and we are talking about a really good team.

“They have .ed in the Champions League for many years. Two years ago they won the league in Portugal, with Porto and Benfica, Sporting Lisbon is one of the best teams. They are used to .ing in the Champions League. This is not a surprise for me.”


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Conte also remarked: “For sure if you see the final result you can tell that maybe the .ers of Sporting Lisbon were really focused until the end. In my opinion in the second half they suffered a lot to be strong, to be a team and then they have taken the opportunity to win the game.


“It’s a big compliment for them because during the game you know very well that t. are moments when you have to suffer and the most important thing is to suffer together. At the same time they were good to take a moment to try to win the game. That happened in the final minutes and for this reason they deserved to win.”


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