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Traditional Wedding Cake Ideas For Trendy Couples

Traditional wedding cakes are a must have for all traditional wedding ceremonies these days. If you’re a perfectionist (of course you have to be, it’s your big day!) then you would want the perfect cake. The most used traditional wedding cake ideas are; the layered pillow design and the keg of palm wine, either standing up straight or spilling.

However, . are a few other traditional wedding cake ideas you could try:

1. Traditional rites cake

A traditional wedding cake design which shows a couple performing marriage rites is an absolutely brilliant idea. This cake design is unconventional, appeals to tradition, and is stunning!

traditional wedding cake ideas

(Photo: Wedding Feferity)

2. Beaded pot cake

The beaded pot traditional wedding cake is aesthetically pleasing. This cake stands out in the crowd and will surely have guests talking about it for a long while. The question, however, is do you have a reliable baker that can do a great job?

traditional wedding cake ideas

(Photo: Naija NG)

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3. Brief case cake

Although the briefcase/box traditional wedding cake design is slowly becoming a staple, you can make yours different and elegant. Seeking the services of a good cake designer is key in this situation.

traditional wedding cake ideas

(Photo: Love Weddings NG)

5. Couples cake

Again, another fervently used design for traditional wedding cakes. However, what’s amazing about this variation is the fact that you  can have fun with it! You can pick out colors that blends in with your decor, and not worry about if the cake is a disaster.

traditional wedding cake ideas

(Photo: C’est pas du gateau)

You’ll love these traditional wedding cake ideas, guaranteed! Have you seen these wedding cake alternatives?


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