Tragic: See what man did to his girlfriend because of SEX


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– Steph Louise was beaten to a pulp by her boyfriend because she refused sexual intercourse

– She received blows to the face that caused severe damage on her jaw and face

– The woman beater was sentenced to prison


Steph Louise was brutally beaten and injured by aggressive boyfriend after she refused to have sex one night when he requested for it.

Steph Louise is a mum of one from Leeds. She shared troubling pictures of herself after she got the beating of her life from her boyfriend, Hoban. They were in bed and Hoban had been grumpy all night, so when he started asking for sex, Steph was in no mood and so she declined. This then drove Hoban to a complete rage, he immediately became aggressive, pushed her on the bed and then left her crying under the quilt.

Minutes later, he walked back in the room, by this time, the demon in him had come alive. He dragged her from the bed, slammed her on the floor and started strangling her.

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She said: ” I want to warn other women out there of what monster this is.”

She explained that before she could say jack he was “ragging the whole quilt off of me and throwing it onto the floor, gripping me by my ankle and pulling me off the bed. He threw me onto the floor he then sat on top of me and strangled me to the floor so I couldn’t move, continuously punching me 40 or 50 times.”

By the time he was done, she was unconscious and was left for dead with a broken jaw, chipped front tooth and three missing teeth.

She feared for her life and thought she might have gotten brain damaged from the attack.

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When help finally came, Hoban was arrested, taken to Leeds crown court. Pleading guilty to unlawful wounding, he was sentenced to 16 months in jail for the grievous attack.

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