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Not every time long braids, sometimes go the bob braids style way!

Bob braids are the coolest thing right now. It’s great for protective styling but we love them especially because they take a short time to install and don’t require much styling. . we have 5 looks that will get you longing to change your hairstyle real quick.  Also if you’re already on long braids, you might just be inspired to whip out a scissors and cut it!

  1. Asymmetrical Bob Braids

With one side longer, this look gives an effortlessly stylish vibe. And then the splash of colour makes it more fun.

Bob braids


2. Bob Braids With Cornrows

The chunky size of the braids looks great with the cornrows at the side. And with that colour, we’re tempted to agree that blondes indeed have more fun.

Bob braids


3. Longer In Front And Shorter At The Back

We love how the curves of the bob rest perfectly on the shoulder, and you can definitely make yours shorter behind.

Bob braids

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4. Bob Braids With Locs

Using locs with this style gives a fun spin to it. You’re sure to turn heads with this one.

Bob braids



5. Wear It Layered

Who would have thought bob braids could be so edgy? The small braids, layers, and cut on this would get people asking for the number of your hairstylist.

Bob braids


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