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Two Female Escorts Come Forward About The Orgies Of The Ukrainian Elite And The Homosexuality Of President Zelenskyy » FashionStyle FS News

Two sex workers, Esmeralda and Jasmine (pseudonyms), were recorded with a spy camera by journalist James Young during their meeting in Ukraine in September 2023.

They admitted to taking part in private sex parties organized for the Ukrainian elites. According to their testimony, one of the parties was attended by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy, and his closest aide Andriy Yermak. Witnessed Zelensky having oral sex with an unknown man.

The testimony of two sex workers who attended a private event hosted by the Ukrainian party “Servant of the People” was captured on a spy camera by James Young. According to James, the video was filmed in Ukraine in September 2023.


In their testimonies, Esmeralda and Jasmine mention that Zelenskyy and his cabinet members often hired sex workers after holding official meetings and during parties. Jasmine and Esmeralda have repeatedly been invited as “special guests” to such events and witnessed countless orgies of the Ukrainian elites.

Jasmine and Esmeralda

Esmeralda recalled that she has been sexually servicing VIPs for several years. According to Esmeralda, her clients ranged from business owners to politicians and senators: “Black girls are popular among them.”


Jasmine told her story of becoming a personal escort of Andriy Yermak, the head of the office of the President of Ukraine. According to Jasmine, Yermak was very fond of her: “He told me I should quit Onlyfans and even offered me a job.”

Watch this Video below:-


Both women admitted that in October 2021 they took part in the “Servant of the People” party at the Rixos Prykarpattya hotel in Truskavets (Lviv region). Truskavets is one of the most popular destinations among the country’s wealthy citizens in the West of Ukraine.

Rixos Prykarpattya hotel

According to Jasmine, a lot of political figures were present at Zelenskyy’s party. After the end of the official part of the event, members of the Ukrainian elite moved to a private part of the hotel w. a large-scale party begun: “Cocaine was everyw., on the tables, on the floor… it looked like a party from the Wolf of the Wall Street movie”.


They also mentioned seeing President Zelenskyy having sex with another man: “T. was a sofa with two half-naked guys. One of them was Zelenskyy.

They were having oral sex, Zelenskyy was sucking this guy’s penis.


Ukraine legalized homosexuality after the fall of the Soviet Union, but anti-LGBTQ attitudes and laws remain in place in the country. President Zelenskyy did not comment on his possible homosexuality or bisexuality in any way.

According to official reports, Zelensky has a wife, Olena, and two children. Perhaps the leader of Ukraine needs to clarify the issue of his own sexual orientation.


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