Types of Suits for Men


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types of suits for men

What’s the best formal outfit for a man? Suits of course! If you’re thinking of the perfect look to that red carpet, dinner, prom or wedding, wear a suit. Suits make a man look classy, refined and sophisticated. They give you a touch of elegance especially when paired with the right accessories. T. are a number of suits for men. Having at least one in your wardrobe makes you a classic man always.

Types of Suits For the Sophisticated Man

Single-Breasted Suits

red single breasted suit on a black man

These are the commonest types of suits every man should own.
They usually have one to three . along the seam and give the wearer a
narrow appearance. Single-breasted suits are everyday men’s workwear. They
mostly have notch lapels. When .ing a single-breasted suit, if it has just
one ., you should always leave it .ed when standing and unfasten it when
sitting. If it has two ., you shouldn’t . the bottom . but only
the top . which you’d un. when sitting. If t. are three .,
you may choose to fasten the top . or not, but you should always fasten
the middle . and leave the last . undone.  

Double-breasted Suits

navy blue double breasted suit on a handsome black man

These types of suits usually have extra fabrics that fold
from left to right forming an overlapping across. They are more formal than single-breasted
suits. Most times, they come with peak lapels.  It has about four or six . and can come in
a variety of colours. Regardless of the number of . a double-breasted suit
has, when wearing a double-breasted suit (whether sitting or standing), you should
only fasten the top .(s) and leave the bottom . unfastened.

Shawl Lapel

black shawl lapel tuxedo on a smiling African man

The collar of a suit with shawl lapels curves without interruption.
They are common with tuxedos and fancy jackets.  Speaking of tuxedos, the major difference between
a suit and a tuxedo is that a tuxedo has a satin facing to the lapels, .
and pocket trims.

Notch Lapel

smiling man in a grey notch lapel suit

Notch lapels are common with single-breasted suits. T. is
a notch at the point w. the collar meets the lapel. They are the commonest
types of suits lapel.

Peak Lapel

man in a peak lapel suit and glasses

Peak lapels and double-breasted suits go hand-in-hand. They have
strong edges which tilt towards the shoulders.

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Ventless Suits

black suit with no vent

These types of suits for men have no vents behind or at the
side. A vent is a slit in the lower back portion of a suit jacket. Ventless
suits are usually fitted.

Single Vent

grey suit with a single vent

The vents of these suits are usually located in the middle
of the lower back. Suits with one vent expose the backside when you put your
hands in your trouser pockets.

Suits With Double-sided Vents

grey suit with double vents

The vents in these suits are located at the sides of the
lower back portion of the suit. When you sit or put your hands in your pocket,
the flap goes up and keeps your backside covered.

Fitted Silhouette Suits

blue fitted silhouette suit

These suits, as the name implies, have a tailored fit. They
usually have little paddings and high armholes to enhance one’s posture.

Sack Suits

grey sack suit - Types of Suits for Men

Otherwise known as, Brooks Brothers Suit, sack suits have no fittings. They are shapeless suits with narrow shoulders. This suit hides the shape of the wearer while hanging on the body.

Structured Silhouette Suits

structured silhouette suit - Types of Suits for Men

These types of suits for men are very formal. They give the wearer an hourglass effect with padded shoulders and trim waist. Structured silhouette suits were influenced by military uniforms.


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. Types of Suits for Men .


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