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UK To Deport Nigerian Student For Working More Than 20-hours |FS News

A Nigerian who moved to the United Kingdom to study is to be deported for working more than 20 hours.
FS News reports that the story was shared by a Twitter user identified as @Oludeewon who alleged that foreign students are not allowed legally to work more than 20 hours in UK.
Apparently, the Nigerian had failed to comply with the terms of his Student Visa which mandates that he doesn’t work for more than 20 hours a week.
Unfortunately, for failing to comply and fulfil the requirements, his Visa was terminated.
The Document read:
“Reasons for cancellationA decision has been made to cancel your permission to stay in the UK so that it expires with immediate effect. The reasons for this are:
You are specifically considered a person who has gained leave to remain by deception. You were granted leave to remain until 14/09/2027, after applying for a work leave to remain visa.
This was granted after you declared you have not breached any previous conditions of your T4 student visa. Your permission has been cancelled because you previously failed to comply with your student visa by working more th n 20 hours per week, breaching your conditions.
I am t.fore satisfied that you have ceased to fulfil the requiremen of your visa. Your permission is cancelled from 19/10/2022.”


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