Unbelievable! Do You Know That This Dashing Man Used To Be A Woman?! (Photos)


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Here is eye-popping  photos of a former woman who got rid of her b00bs and transitioned herself into a man!

Transgender Amari Jayce is the biological mother of her two children but now she is their proud ‘father’ and recently, Amari wedded his new wife. Photos are after the cut. According to her:

I knew I always wanted kids but I also knew that would be hard because I, at the time, was living as a masculine lesbian and I knew there was something not right with my body. But I also knew I wanted to take advantage of the body I was given so I could have children of my own to give to the things I didn’t have.

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A very good male friend of mine at that time offered his “goods” knowing the life I lived.

I accepted, and in turn, got my 2 beautiful blessings (children). He has been in and out of their life due to choices he’s made… and now he’s not in their life at all. I know that I am not their biological father and I never intended to take that spot because my children know who he is… But I will ALWAYS be the Daddy they need and I was so lucky to find a woman that willingly took the Mommy role and is the best mommy ever.

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My children will have questions one day, I’m sure, and I will be ready for them because I will be able to tell them that no matter what, “I love you more than I ever thought I could love anybody and no matter what Daddy was here!”

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See more photos from her transformation below, right from when she was 8 months pregnant to when she chopped off her breasts. Wow!

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