Unusual Wedding Traditions That Will Traumatize Your Nigerian MotherZUMI


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African parents have fragile hearts and although it’s safe to say that weddings are one of the most universal things in the world, the practices differ.

These unusual wedding traditions will make you think twice for the sake of your Nigerian mother:

1. Stripped!

At the end of the wedding in some European countries, people tear strips of the brides’ wedding dress for good luck. The throwing of the bouquet then started, to distract the women who were coming for her dress!

2. Removing the garter

With the sexy dance, giggling and tossing that this tradition comes with, we can already see that ‘Aunty’ judging you with her eyes!

unusual wedding traditions

(Photo: YouTube via Bravo TV)

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3. Public display of affection

The grooms friends watch while the couple consummate their marriage, shouting encouraging words and giving suggestions. Interestingly, he louder the friends are, the better!

4. Kidnap the bride

In Romania, the family and/or friends of the bride kidnap the bride and the groom and his family have to come and rescue her and pay a ransom. We can already hear the Nigerian mother of the groom saying, after paying dowry?

interesting wedding traditions

(Photo: Buzzfeed)

5. Cross-dressing

After paying the dowry, the bride will be presented to the groom. If the dowry is incomplete, a substandard bride is presented to the groom, (which is often times a male cross dresser) until the money is complete, except he wants the cross dresser of course!Which of these unusual wedding traditions will you try?

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