Update: “I Closed Down 2 Of My Shops B’cos You Were Stealing From Me” – Iyabo Ojo Accuses Her Former PA, Gbeminiyi Of Theft


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Update: “I Closed Down 2 Of My Shops B’cos You Were Stealing From Me” - Iyabo Ojo Accuses Her Former PA, Gbeminiyi Of Theft

Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo has alleged that her former PA, Gbeminiyi is a fraud.

She made this allegation after Gbemi dared her to spill what transpired between them as she also accused the actress of trying to subject her to unjust cyberbullying.

According to the mother of one, her former PA stole from her and ruined her businesses at Ikeja.

The entrepreneur also disclosed that she closed two of her shops at Ikeja and sacked all her staff because she was running at loss.

Iyabo Ojo went on to allege that she opened a new store at Lekki and took Gbeminiyi along with her as a close friend and personal assistant.

However, she took her fraudulent lifestyle t. and also tried to ruin her third business.

This led to her investigating.

Upon investigation, it was realized that her PA has been receiving payments from her customers directly into her personal account.

Read her full story;

“Gbeminiyi Adegbola, you said in your write up that you didn’t steal from me or try to ruin my business, yet from my former business place, Fespris World in ikeja off Allen, you have been stealing from me, using your zenith acct Gbeminiyi Adegbola to collect money from customers eg. Wow accessories & she is still alive o & her statement of acct is t. for proof…

After I sacked all my staffs & closed down my two shops in Ikeja, thinking it was the other staffs that were stealing my money & ruining my business…

I took up the courage to start all over again, I went ahead, sold all my gold, which you gbemi, helped me carry to the buyer in yaba, collected the money for my land in Ajah back & with the help of some close friends, i opened Fespris Abula spot in Lekki phase 1..

Gbenminiyi, You still carried this same dubious act to Fespris Limited in Lekki phase 1, pretending to be a loyal & honest person to me, damn!! I trusted you, I was struggling to grow my new business, Gbemi, yet you were busy stealing, collecting money with your personal acct details without my knowledge, a one year old business, you almost ruined it again🥵

I still have records of your zenith bank statement that shows proof of how you have been receiving money from different customers and no proof of you transferring it back into my own personal or business account nor any proof of you withdrawing it and paying it back into my own acct either, I still have all evidence and statement taken down at the police station too,

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I accepted your mother’s apology even tho you never apologized & I also listened to my late mom too who said I should not arrest you bcos of your health conditions, the reason I let you walk freely without allowing the law to take its a course on you.

Gbemi, I have four different company acct, Zenith, GT, Access & Sterling with POS attached to them, I have 5 personal acct of my own that you could have also used, yet you chose to use your own personal zenith acct, & you have the audacity to say you never tried to ruin my business…. Big sam is still alive oooo, I still deliver to the customer in 1004, etc …”

Exposing Gbeminiyi further in the comment section of the post, Iyabo Ojo wrote;

“Gbemi, I am very well ready to reopen this case, let’s go to court so that you can vindicate yourself once and for all …

Gbeminiyi, I still have all the evidence of how you manipulated the companies accts, I have witnesses, some of this staff still work for me, I have videos of how you stuck up my freezers with leftover foods to deceive me in believing that we had food stuff in the freezers …..

You said i enslaved you, yet i supposed you financially throughout your university days, i fed and clothed you, I took care of all your medical bills & any other bills you brought to my notice, I flew you to South Africa, flew you to dubai, all expenses & shopping trip on me,

Produced a Movie Enu Orofo in your name & paid you royalty, starred you in my movie Tenbelu & featured you in alot of my Movies both Yoruba & English Movies, you even use to sleep on my bed that’s how much I loved you, I took you like a sister, a god-daughter Gbeminiyi

As at 2018 when you left, your salary was 80k, I was about getting you a USA visa all proof still with me, when you were exposed

You didn’t pay Halima (my house help) school fees even after I had given you the money few months back, Halima school then wrote me a letter stating that she won’t be allowed to sit for waec if the 50k bal was not paid, halima didn’t show me the letter bcos she was trying to protect you, so halima decided to steal 30k from my zenith acct using my ATM card thinking I won’t notice..

my security man then caught halima when she was trying to escape after she knew i was suspecting that she was the one who used my ATM card to withdraw money, once halima was caught she told us the reason for her motive, she gave me the letter and I called the school to confirm, after we found out from Halima’s school that truly you Gbemi did not pay Halima school fees after I had given you the money to pay for it, I got very upset with you, i slapped you & seized the company phone from you & suspended you,

I decided that same night to check the company phone before going to bed to see how you communicated with customers, that’s was how you got exposed again, Gbemi …

I surprised you with a car when you graduated, that & your international passport was the only thing I collected from you when I found out you were stealing from me,

I hope you haven’t forgotten the surprise birthday dinner @ Oriental which cost me alot just because i wanted to make you happy & make you feel special & appreciated, yet I enslaved you .. I laugh 🤣🤣

Is plenty oooo but let me rest … you said God will judge us according to our deeds abi? and trust me God will surely Judge…”

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