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Vaseline is an affordable ‘household product’ that has been around forever and we bet you didn’t know it comes handy for your beauty needs.

Vaseline is a common petroleum jelly based product, and as much as we’d rather you don’t use as a full on body cream (because of its notoriously comedogenic tendencies aka it blocks pores), it has impressive beauty uses you should get to know:

  • Preps Your Skin For Fragrance

Long-lasting is definitely on everyone’s list when shopping for perfumes. Who doesn’t want to smell good for as long as they can? To help your fragrance stay longer, apply Vaseline on your skin before spraying your favourite cologne. This helps keep it on for longer.

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If you don’t wear makeup regularly then you know to get your full brows tamed. The not-so-good part about keeping them is how scattered and funny looking they can be sometimes! Keep your brows in place using vaseline! Apply just a little to your brows and brush them. You’d be left with no stray hairs in sight.

Vaseline Beauty Hacks

(Photo: Instagram / Ronkeraji)

You can get better-looking results from your DIYs by prepping your cuticles with vaseline before you apply the nail polish. This prevents the polish from sticking to the cuticles/places you don’t want them.

Vaseline Beauty Hacks

(Photo: Instagram / Thisthingcalledfashionn)

Prep your lids with jelly before applying eyeshadow to get a pigmented look. Also apply to cheekbones before using highlighter for a radiant finish.

Vaseline Beauty Hacks

(Photo: Instagram / Jackieaina)

  • Lubricates Your Nail Polish Lids

The key to not struggling with the lid whenever you need to use the nail polish is to apply vaseline to the sides. It acts as a lubricant that helps both parts glide against each other with ease.

Take off your falsies with ease by applying petroleum jelly to the lash line. It also works to get rid of the glue residue.

The next time you decide to serve skin goals, don’t forget to mix vaseline with your favourite liquid bronzer and apply all over for the perfect glow!

Vaseline Beauty Hacks

(Photo: Instagram / Kiitana)

Evidently, the smallest tricks in the book rock. So tell us, which of the vaseline beauty hacks are you adding to your routine?

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