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0:10 – how to make a woman squirt
In this article, you’re going to learn how to make a girl squirt the easy way.
First of all I want to say that physically, every woman can squirt. Some women squirt just a bit where it trickles out of them and you’ll only see it on her lips and your fingers while others shoot it out up to 10 feet away or even more almost like a fire hose.
Now the reason that most girls never squirt, is because of the psychological side of it. If your girl isn’t in the right place mentally, then you just wont be able to make it happen.
When a woman squirts, it comes from the urethral sponge which is where both her urine and “orgasm juice” come from. If a woman has never squirted before, she can confuse the pre-squirt feeling with the sensation that she’s about to urinate because they say it feels almost exactly the same.
It’s quite simple to understand why she won’t want to do this all over you and the bed so she holds back and doesn’t allow it to come out.
So the first step in how to make a girl squirt is to make her take her mind off the fear of peeing.
One great way to do this is by distracting her from it. Distract her by looking into her eyes and being completely present with her. Use your words and make her physical sensations a secondary thing by engaging her emotionally.
Also make the environment you’re in more stimulating by having some sensual music playing. Turn down the lights and light some scented candles.
Now that you’ve got her completely relaxed mentally, you’ll want to give her a few other fingering orgasms first. I’d suggest starting with a clitoral just because it’s so easy and then a regular g-spot fingering orgasm.
Remember that her g-spot swells up the more it’s stimulated and since this is the area we’re going to be fingering to give her the squirting orgasm… you want to make sure that’s it’s already going. So give her a regular g-spot fingering orgasm or two first and then it’ll be much easier to make her squirt.
Now the technique for making her squirt is to enter your fingers with your palm facing up. Feel upward for a dime sized area that feels like a raspberry.
Once you’ve found it, make a “come here” motion that presses up on her g-spot and increase your pressure as she gets more and more into it. You’ll feel it swell up the more she gets into it.
Once it’s swollen enough, you’re basically going to be pulling on her g-spot and pulling that fluid out of her. This is how to make a girl squirt.

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