Video Of Unbelievable Torture Of Nigerian Female Military Recruit Goes Viral [WATCH]


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A video showing a female army recruit being tortured by her fellow cadets has gone viral on social media.

Nigerians are mostly outraged by what appears to be an exercise outside of the official curriculum of the National Defence Academy. The person who shared the video says it was recorded in Nigeria’s only military university.

The woman in the video or her oppressors are not identified, neither does the . user show shared the video provide any more information. The NDA only began to accept female recruits after President Goodluck Jonathan lifted the ban on women in 2012.

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“Do you like this job?” She is asked by one of her assailants. “Is this the air force of your dreams?” To both, she answers, “Yes, sir.” It is a horrible video.

A respected Nigerian writer, Ikhide Ikheloa, berated Nigerians and non-governmental organisations on ., “Nigeria, like Haiti boasts the most NGOs on earth. There are very aggressive NGOs who claim to be trying to empower women and children in Nigeria. Here is a good case.

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“This video is of a young female NDA cadet being brutalized by fellow cadets (who are all men). It is a shocking video, the depravity and how much it dehumanizes all of us.

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“Even more shocking is the fact that a handful of men on my wall are actually proud of this form of abuse saying that this is the kind of training that enabled America’s special forces to nab Osama Bin Ladin! That is how bestial we have become.

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“Just watch, nothing will happen, no one will be held accountable. Our NGOs will continue to “. for funds” abroad to fuel their tinted SUVs and their wallets. Nothing will happen, because quite honestly, we are beasts.

“Yes. We are beasts,” he angrily concludes.

The video was shared on . on March 11, 2015 and in twelve hours it gained more than 77,000 views.

Nigerian Defense Academy Maltreatment

Posted by Maiyegun’s Diary on Friday, 11 March 2016

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