A video has been making the rounds on social media that shows the moment a man dies at his birthday party.

The birthday man in the video was seen at the center stage dancing around while attendees looked on and that was just the beginning.

As he continues to dance on his birthday, the man suddenly slumps and by extension goes to the ground.


A voice of a lady in the background was heard saying “Wait is this real?, is this real?.” as most of the attendees of the birthday party couldn’t believe their eyes any longer.

Some while reacting to the video alleged that the birthday man was epileptic before he passed on.


See .s below;


Possible cardiac issues. CPR CPR CPR may have helped. CPR techniques can be found on YouTube, you don’t have to be a clinician to perform basic CPR. So unfortunate.



Health is the only real wealth everything else is worthless without it. lighting weights and eating clean are the highest ROl activities in the world, health is wealth .


This lady on red is such an Osiwin fellow Omg.



From his movement, I could tell he was already feeling it. Learn to listen to your body. Whatever it is you doing, once you feel dizzy, please find a place and sit down.


I mean simple CPR could have saved his life…let people learn basic things online not everytime skit or comedy…I’m sure he still had little life in him when they got t. but then they could have revived him.



Damn they thought he was joking? CPR should be mandatory everyw.!! At the same pls check your BP regularly .


I suppose some quick CPR could have saved him. That fall was unusual, and they were still filming on their phones, especially the two id!ots in front of him. .

Watch the video HERE

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