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Chidimma Umeh is an award winning beauty blogger who has been sharing beauty tips since 2011. With over a hundred and fifty thousand followers on YouTube, this creator became one of the few Nigerian beauty creators based in Nigeria to have this much following on the platform. Now, definitely with such a huge following and admiration it’s safe to say that Dimma has broken the threshold and joined the Vloggers sphere as  SILVER star.

Her creativity was what garnered her followers in the first place. Starting off as “thatigbochic” Dinma was able to get over a million views on her YouTube page as people watched her creatively use the hues on each Ankara print to create sweet looking makeup looks that are worthy of replicating and admiring.

Hello World

One thing YouTube is known for is the #Challenges. People throw out challenges all the time and it’s left for the creators to follow. Well one hot challenge in the beauty-sphere is the five minute makeup challenge. Beauty bloggers test themselves to see if they can make-up in five minutes and it’s always fun and Hilarious to watch.

Of cause Dimma Umeh had to join in on this hilarious challenge and she created a video with friend and fellow YouTuber Chizi Duru.

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Watch the video of the 5 minute makeup challenge down below…

.: YouTube | Dinma Umeh

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Click here for Latest Ankara Styles >> Read More

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