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Hi Damsels!

As far as we in the beauty world are concerned, everything in the beauty world keeps changing or being modified. Yes! We couldn’t be happier embracing new ideas on daily basis, knowing full well, we are going to benefit much from it, especially when this has to do with our skin tone and the like. Our hair is not left out too. Talk of the curls, waves, and all that.  OMG! We just love to adore ourselves. Yep, we are all into it.

Different trends keep emerging in the beauty world, but there is one trend that keeps you calm at all times. There is one trend that we’ve been a little slower to embrace. This is it; the brown eyes and brown lips. Even though it’s been all over the red carpet, we’ve had a hard time working it into our daily makeup routine. We rocked it back in the day, okay? Isn’t it a little dated? Well, we have to try this again this time.

Yes! When deployed correctly, brown is actually the perfect eye and lip colour. This is because it perfectly suits our different skin tones. We’ve actually got the proof. Looking forward to wearing those beautiful brown eyes and brown lips makeup this time, worry not, as we’ve got you covered. Beauty Vlogger Toni Olaoye takes us through this beautiful journey with ease.

Brown eyes and lips

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.’s a video to guide you;

.: Toni Olaoye


Follow this makeup tutorial and end up not looking like it’s a ’90s throwback. You’ll definitely look fabulous. The brown eyes and brown lips makeup is just for you!


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Click here for Latest Ankara Styles >> Read More

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