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So it’s rainy season right now. And while we’re thankful for the rain, it can be quite inconvenient. Muddy grounds, messy shoes and then the worse of it all, smudged make-up!

Yes we’re all supposed to have an umbrella handy, we know. But t. are times when you’re caught off guard. You’re walking down the road to catch a bus or you’re a few feet from w. your car is parked and then it suddenly starts drizzling. Those few seconds it takes to whip out your umbrella is enough to get your make-up ruined and that can be really annoying. That’s why you should waterproof your make-up.

And this is how you can get your make-up to be water resistant in 6 easy steps (getting water proof products obviously works).

  1. To Waterproof Your Make-up Start With A Make-up Primer

This is the first step. A make-up primer provides a canvass for the rest of your make-up to stick to and so it generally makes your makeup stay on longer. Not only that, your make-up would stand a stronger chance against the rain. So yeah, use a face primer and an eyeshadow primer. Infact, feel free to prime everyw. that can be primed, we kid but you get the point.

Waterproof your make-up

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   2. Replace Pencils With Brow Gels

Since this is a battle against the rain, we need stronger weapons. So instead of filling in your brows with a brow pencil, use a gel eyebrow filler instead. It will ensure your brows stay put, come whatever.

Waterproof your make-up

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 3. Use Waterproof Mascara And Eyeliner

This kinda goes without saying right? Seeing as it’s the rain we’re resisting .. Also for eyeliners, you should opt for a pencil instead of one that’s liquid.

 4. Replace Lipsticks With Lip Stains

For a more lasting effect, fill in the entire lips with a lip pencil first, and then apply a lip stain over it. Lip stains are highly pigmented which is what makes them stay on longer. But be sure to get one that is matte.

Waterproof your make-up

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5. Use A Setting Powder

If you’re not one to bother with setting powders usually, this would be a good time to use one. Setting powders lock your foundation in and makes it stay on your skin better.

Waterproof your makeup)

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6. Using A Finishing Spray Will Waterproof Your Make-up

Finishing sprays are like an invisible seal that locks your make-up in and shields it from everything else. After the steps mentioned above, a few spritz of your finishing spray of choice and the rain has got nothing on you.

Waterproof your make-up

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T. you have it. These steps will certainly help your make-up stay in place, come rain or high water. That being said, we’re not implying that you should go dancing in the rain o! So please still have an umbrella within reach.

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