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“We Believe That When They Have The Opportunity, They Can Also Showcase Themselves,” David Okereke As He Spends Vacation Giving Back To Grassroot – Latest Sports and Football News in Nigeria


Venezia striker, David Okereke, has taken time out of his vacation to support grassroots football through a scouting program with BG Sports Agency, Dream 2 Reality, and Spocs Global Consultant in Lagos.

The program holding at the Legacy Pitch of the National Stadium Surulere, Lagos, serves as an opportunity for the grassroots .ers to showcase themselves and start their careers according to Nigerian striker, David Okereke.

“In life, we all know the struggles, many of us have passed through these stages and we prayed for an opportunity to show ourselves. So when I had the opportunity to do this, let’s do something for the grassroots football too,” David told Sports247.


“We believe that when they have the opportunity, they can also showcase themselves with this chance. We know it may not be easy for some of the families so it’s a good way to assist, not just giving money but helping by giving them a platform to write a story for themselves,” he added.

David also revealed to Sports247 that he would not be returning to Club Brugge after the holidays as he’s undergoing negotiations with certain clubs.


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