Former Minister of Education, Obiageli Ezekwesili, on Thursday submitted that Africa cannot achieve economic development if poor governance continues in the continent.


Ezekwesili who spoke during the graduation ceremony of Class of 2023 School of Politics, Policy and Governance (SPPG) in Abuja as its founder called for urgent structural transformation of African politics by leaders of thought across governments, private sector and civil society organisations.

While noting that democracy must come with political freedom, Ezekwesili said the rule of law is the cornerstone of economic freedom.


She said:

“As you listen to our brothers and sisters from various countries on the continent, you can see that it is a common denominator for Africans to mourn the absence of quality leadership.

“Africa has chosen the path of democracy and if we look at historical numbers, more countries that have enjoyed prosperity have come through the democratic path.


“So, democracy is a very important thing because democracy comes with political freedom.

“With political freedom, t. is a rule of law, and that rule of law is the cornerstone of economic freedom. It is economic freedom that leads to the proliferation of ideas, innovations and creativity.


“Competitiveness and productivity are all based on empirical data. So, if we know all those things as evidence abounds, we cannot then sit back and hope that somehow change will come.

“So, if Africans need to transform our politics and we just sit back as citizens, hoping that those who have entrenched poor governance as a matter of political culture will someday fall in the kind of Apostle Paul and have a Damascus experience we will wait forever and that that is not something that this generation should do.”

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