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We dated for six months and . we are! Onyinye and Ikechukwu beautiful pre-wedding album


Onyinye and Ikechukwu were skeptical about attending the so-called wedding, little did they know what God had in store for them. The two love birds met a mutual friend’s wedding and a lot of family connections unraveled later on.

They dated for 6 months and the rest, as they say, is history.

Read their beautiful how we met story below and be inspired 💕

My husband and I met at my God sister’s wedding in 2018) She also happens to be his cousin (but we had no idea whatsoever till later). When he was about leaving, he managed to call me out through an aunt of his. She decided to help him set the foundation by telling me “My brother is a very nice guy and he’s looking for a wife”, I remember telling her “sorry I’m not looking for a husband”, at this point he was so embarrassed, I saw it on his face. We eventually spoke briefly and he took my contact number. He reached out to me a few days later and when I found out it was him I gave him the most unfair treatment ever (I would read his messages and not reply, never picked his calls and even if I eventually do I’ll post him).

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He didn’t give up either was he being a pest, rather he was consistent but yet subtle and tactful. This went on for about a month and then finally one very good night when I got back from work he called so I just decided to get to know him and give him a chance to talk and guess what? We spoke from around 10 pm to about 5 am (I remember I had a thanksgiving to attend in the church that morning and my eyes were literally swollen🤣), it was after that conversation that I started seeing him in a different light, he wasn’t as bad as I thought.

We got talking more and started getting to know each other better, about 2 months later we started dating officially. Guess what? During the course of our courtship, we found out my dad and his mum/uncle were classmates and were good friends back in the days, my mum and his aunty were school mates, his dad and my uncle were business partners back then, of course, his Aunty is my godmother as well and many more connections that sprung up as time went by. It was then I realised that it was fate which brought us together. [PS: I almost didn’t go for that wedding, I literally used a bike to get to the venue late because my dad had left me since it took me ages to get prepared, Ike, on the other hand, didn’t want to attend the wedding but he kept feeling compelled to come all the way to Lagos from Abuja just for the wedding.

We courted for 6 months and he proposed to me on his birthday which was on the 14th of December 2018, we had our introduction in June 2019 and the most beautiful traditional wedding held on the 28th of December,2019. When I met my husband it wasn’t love at first sight at all, as a matter of fact, I’ll tell you a secret-t. was another guy I was scoping at that wedding. Lol, while my husband couldn’t take his eyes off me, my eyes were on another person. I was pushing him away because I thought he wasn’t as tall as I wanted, he had tattoos(which I grew up having a negative perception against), he was beard gang (I really wasn’t a fan of it then) and most importantly our age gap, my husband is 10yrs older than me but I’m happy because people say he doesn’t look like it. I was really scared about the age thing but now I love it!

I realised that behind all of these apparent flaws, t. was a man with an incredible and beautiful personality. I respect Ike naturally, he’s very understanding, brings himself down to my level and corrects me with love in every situation I do something wrong. I fell in love with the man he is on the inside, I’m in love with his spirit and soul before his body and that’s a good sign that this love is . to stay. My husband is one of the biggest givers you’d ever meet, he has such a large heart which is gradually rubbing off on me, he handles issues maturely, he’s very sacrificial, he tolerates my excesses and we communicate really well most of the time because we have very similar ideologies and mindset. Asides that, he’s very romantic and always carries me along in most of his decision makings, I also love how he protects and defends me when I’m not t., he would go any length just to show me he loves me, Above all of these, he’s a man who has reverence for God and knows how to motivate me spiritually, morally, financially, physically and mentally, he supports me in every way and I can say I’m a better person generally after I met him. I know it would sound clichè but God blessed me with the best husband for me.

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