There are some wonderful ways to mix and match ankara print fabric without using another ankara fabric. Just by mixing it with lace, silk, chiffon or satin, you can create many unique styles with these mixtures.

Sometimes, experiment with your fabrics and you just might be pleasantly surprised with the result! Perhaps, you will be inspired by these unique ankara fusion styles we have got for you.

Cc @ms_dsf in @AgbekeByHalima

Cc @lootlove

Cc @ayanda_njilo in Dress by @thamakadesigns

Cc @aaley_a

Dress by @ros_arie

Cc @_its_eyramgh

Cc @lindaosifo in @kikstylish

Cc @mhisoby in @zikorahafrica

Cc @amakaamaka_c in @fashionjunkie9jacollections

Cc @knel_fyi

Cc @officiallyalo in @alozfabtory

Don;t you love this mix??



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