We love Edo brides! The Edo traditional wedding attire is very culture oriented, vibrant, and beautiful. You just need to take a look at those beads to know t.’s some serious work that goes into the Edo bride’s outfit.

Here are some of the things we love about the Edo wedding attire:

1. The Okuku

One of the most detailed and amazing parts of the bride’s traditional wedding attire in Edo state is the Okuku. On the wedding day, the bride’s hair is put in a high hairdo called Eto-okuku and while the beautiful beads can be sewn directly on the hairdo, you can get an already made one if you’re not about that stressful life.

edo traditional wedding attire

(Photo: Sugar Weddings)

2. Beaded Neck Pieces & Accessories

The next gorgeous detail is a neck piece. The Edo people go hard with coral beads and we love it. What’s even more amazing is the way they wear their neck pieces; while some brides wear theirs in a conventional manner, others wear theirs like it’s a mini blouse.

edo traditional wedding attire

(Photo: Instagram/Bella Naija Weddings)

3. Vibrant Colored Fabric

The final detail in the bride’s traditional wedding attire in Edo state is a beautiful fabric. Most Edo brides usually opt for a red fabric to compliment the coral beads. However, a lot of brides have begun to use other fabulous colours that also stand out.

edo traditional wedding attire

(Photo: Laphy Photography)

To all the Edo brides out t., we love you and your culture. Keep slaying! You should also check out these amazing Nigerian traditional wedding attires.




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