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‘We were fired’ – Dancing Chicken Republic security guards confirm, say the company lied – FashionStyleng

• The Chicken Republic security guards stirred up so much . online barely a week ago, after the video of them dancing on duty went viral.

As against the earlier publication made by the Nigerian fast-food chain and franchise, Chicken Republic, about the two security guards who were captured in a video dancing while on duty, some clarifications have been made.


The two security guards, who named themselves Happie Boys have come out to counter the publication, saying that Chicken Republic lied, about retaining and not firing them.

According to them, they were actually fired and told to go home, adding that their salary for the month of February was paid to them in March, seven days after they got sacked.


Also, regarding the statement by Chicken Republic, which stated that the Chicken Republic was in communication with the security company who oversees the Chicken Republic security guards, the Happie Boys said that the fast-food chain wasn’t in communication with anyone.

They said in the video, “Good morning Nigerians, we’re . to settle an issue, about Chicken Republic. We saw a post, shared on internet by the company, saying we’ve been paid and that we were not fired. But in actuality, we got fired.


And we were paid after seven (7) days the dance video went viral. And before we got paid, we were told come today, come tomorrow, until they finally decided to pay us.

“And according to Chicken Republic, we were supposed to be called back to resume our work, but we’re . to confirm to the general public that Chicken Republic didn’t call us back.”


Watch video below.

Stating further in the caption of their post, they wrote, “Good morning Nigerians, we are . to address a publication by @chickenrepublic that went viral few days ago, Against what they published, we wantu make it know that


“*We were fired!
*Nobody is in close communication with us
*We were not offered any retaining
*We only received our salaries days after the video went viral and the company received a lot of backslashing online.

“We respect every business and cooperate body involved in this but please we dont want the wrong information circulating. Thank you. “Happiness It’s Free”


Watch their dancing video below.


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