Wearing Natural Locs? Here’s All You Need To Know About Natural Locsfashionstyle


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Natural locs are very fascinating and tend to get heads turned your way, if it’s well tamed obviously.

Remember that time Dakore Egbuson-Akande rocked her natural locs for the longest time? We certainly remember. If you are seriously contemplating wearing natural locs, t. are a few things you need to know!

wearing natural locs

(Photo: OWN/Queen Sugar)

Patience is officially your new name

At first, locs that aren’t fully formed can be a little messy. For about a year, you will need to visit your loctician for re-twisting; be prepared to tie scarves and wear hats till they come together on their own. Unfortunately, you can’t determine the growth direction of your locs! They also won’t look like those you see on the internet for sure. Your hair texture and thickness determines how yours will look. So patience is key.

wearing natural locs

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(Photo: Youtube via JoyceMD)

Wash day is hectic

Wash day can be very tiring. Natural locs take a long time to dry. Their sponge-like nature makes water absorption easy which in turn prolongs the drying process. To dry out, you have to squeeze water out of each lock and leave to dry. Drying speed depends on how thick and long your locs are.

The misconceptions

Obviously, your locs will be the first thing people notice about you. And people tend to have a lot of misconceptions about locs so be prepared for weird questions and dramatic .s to your look. Many people will assume the following:

  • That you don’t wash your hair (some might even attempt to sniff it, the nerve!)
  • That you most likely smoke weed
  • You just have to be a Reggae musician or lover
  • You’re plain irresponsible
wearing natural locs

(Photo: Goodreads)

Taking them out

The beauty of locs is more appreciable after a few years. If you’ve worn natural locs for a few years, you might want to try out a new look by simply combing them out! Not to worry, you won’t lose as much hair as you think.




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