Wedding Etiquette: What You Should Avoid Wearing To A Wedding


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On this side of the planet, weddings have  become a part of the weekend lifestyle. Every other Saturday, somebody you know or someone that knows someone you know is getting hitched. And one question that often times will come to your mind is: What do you wear? Well, maybe it’s time you also start asking yourself “What shouldn’t I wear?”

. are the wedding etiquette you need to know.

1. Follow the dress code.

Most weddings have a dress code and as guests, you are often times told what to wear even when there is no aso-ebi. So stick to it. For example, if the invitation says purple dinner dress with dark heels specifically, wear it-just don’t be shy to add your touch to it.

Wedding Etiquette-What You Should Avoid Wearing to a Wedding.


2. Wedding Etiquette suggests you avoid dressing in white.

Unless the dress code specifically says white, please do not go to any wedding in a white dress. White is traditionally saved for the bride. Even the chief bridesmaid isn’t allowed to dress like the bride all in white. Though now days, brides go in other colors, it’s still safer not to be caught unawares.

Wedding Etiquette-What You Should Avoid Wearing to a Wedding.

(Toke Makinwa)

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3. Try to evade stealing the spotlight from the bride.

This is a NO! NO! The golden rule is to keep the attention on the bride of the day-she is supposed to be the most beautiful woman at her wedding. Avoiding going in clothes that are revealing, overly short and tight.




4. Pay attention to the venue chosen.

Whatever you choose to wear should befit the location and type of wedding you are attending. Think about the aura of the event, the people attending and even what the experience will be like.


Finally, don’t be scared to ask for clarification if you don’t totally understand the theme or dress code of the wedding.

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